COMMUNITY BBQ – Friday June 21 5pm


We will press on with the BBQ tonight. In light of the flooding and current situation, we have decided that it will now be a FREE COMMUNITY BBQ instead of a fundraiser for the playground.

If you are still available and are able to safely make your way to the community center tonight, please do. If you or anyone you know are hosting evacuees, let us make dinner tonight easy. Come out to enjoy some live music, and get to know the neighbours too.

We will be moving into the Hall should the rain continue to come down.



Part traditional, part sass, the BarberEllas are sure to capture your heart! This small group of queer gals and pals favours a cappella songs written in close harmony, usually barbershop style. They take great joy in singing and performing and love to share that joy with their audiences.

BT musicians

The Banff Trail Musicians meet every Monday night at the Banff Trail Community Association for their MusicJam, and as a full ensemble can be as large as 16 members strong. They play a variety of toe-tapping music and are sure to entertain.

Aaron James and the Cultivators

Alberta two-stepping, diesel-drinking, cow-milking, pie-eating, trigger-pulling, rock-throwing, girl-kissing music.


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