Community BBQ Update

In spite of the flooding and state of emergency in Calgary, the Community BBQ held the evening of June 21 was a wonderful way for the community to come together. We extended the invitation to hosts and evacuees residing in the NW of Calgary. Over 200 people partook in the event, and a hamper was created to collect donations for the flood victims. Toiletries, diapers, and baby food was delivered directly to the registration facility at William Aberhart High School, while towels and blankets were taken to the Humane society. Non-perishable food was donated to the food bank.

A table was also set up to accept donations for the New Dinosaur Playground. Over $900 was raised at this table, and a list of volunteers was collected for the build dates in August.

In recognition to those who made this event awesome, we’d like to thank Charlotte Feasby, Jessica Lajoie, and Mavis Sew for organizing the event, and volunteers Cam & Lori Collingwood, Darren Courtnage, John Moersch, Phil Posnick, Tania Wildman, Chad Wignes, Marcy Wong, Dave & Yukiko Yeung, for stepping up to work the event, among many others who jumped right in to help out.

Special thanks to the BarberEllas, the Banff Trail Musicians, and to the Aaron James and the Cultivators for donating their time to entertain us throughout the evening, despite the fact that some of their bandmates were evacuated and were unable to join them.

We’d like to recognize Druh Farrell’s office for not only re-tweeting the changes to our event to include hosts and evacuees, as well as the surprise visit and the offering of a helping hand at the event.

Much thanks to the corporate donors, Huntington Hill Superstore, Brentwood CO-OP, and North Hill Safeway.

Last but not least, we need to recognize the Calgary Foundation, and the Stepping Stones Grant which gave us the ability to purchase food, supplies, and rent audio equipment. Stepping Stones offers small grants, ranging from $100 to $600, to encourage active citizenship by helping residents undertake small, creative project that benefit their local community. If you would like to pursue the grant for a community initiative, the Stepping Stones supports projects that:

  • Encourage Calgarians to become more involved in their local neighbourhoods and communities

  • Build on participants interests, concerns and talents

  • Welcome and involve a diversity of people and groups

  • Take people’s ideas into action

  • Demonstrate and develop local leadership

If you would like apply for a Stepping Stones Grant, view the website for more details. If you need assistance with your grant application, please contact Mavis at


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