The Faces of Capitol Hill Project – Volunteers needed

Freelance photographer and Journalism student at SAIT Polytechnic student Crystal Schick is embarking on photography portrait project that will demonstrate the wonderful diversity within the community of Capitol Hill. The working title for this project is Faces of Capitol Hill.

I will be looking for all sorts of volunteers. If you live in Capitol Hill, you are perfect. From singles, couples, families, children, teens, students, elderly, rich, poor, tall, short, to professionals, small business owners, preachers, ministers, etc.

The concept is quick and simple. I will be doing what I am calling a sidewalk photo, using the many different styles of homes in the communities as backdrop to the portraits. That should only take a few minutes.

To add an interesting and fun component to the individual photographs, I would also like for the volunteer to have a prop to be photographed with outside. Something that describes them as an individual or family. The first individual I photographed stood in front of his house with a keyboard, because he plays keyboard and music is a large influence in his like. The prop possibilities are endless.

I will also be asking each participant the same 3 simple questions, which they will answer on paper.

If you would like to volunteer to help me with this project, I would be very appreciative. Alternatively, if you see me sitting in your coffee shops or wondering your streets on nice days with my big camera, do not be afraid, I am harmless.

To see some of my recent work or a photo and description of myself, please visit my website at Feel free to message me any questions or concerns you may have also. Thank you in advance Capitol Hill, for any and all cooperation with this portrait project.


Crystal Schick

If you are interested in participating in this project, contact Crystal at CdawnsPhoto[at]

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