Executive Committee/Officers:

President:  Jessica Lajoie, caphillpresident[at]

Vice President: Mavis Sew, caphillvp[at]

Treasurer: Stephanie Nicholl, caphilltreasurer[at]

Secretary: Nikki Stewart-St.Arnault, caphillsecretary[at]

Board of Directors:

Planning & Development: Erin Shilliday, caphillplanning[at]

Transportation & Pedestrian Safety: Cam Collingwood, cam_collingwood[at]

Maintenance Director: Jarvis Schmidt

Memberships/Volunteer Coordinator: Aarthie Fernando, caphillmembership[at]

Communications: caphillnewsletter[at]

Fundraising: Jeri-lyn Zbytnuik

Community Events: vacant

Programming: Janet Ogden

Important contacts:

Facility Manager: Abi Harker,

Community Gardens:



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