Board Position Descriptions


    • Presides at all meetings of the Association, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and boards.
    • Prepare with the Secretary, all Executive and Board agendas.
    • Is the official spokesman for the Association and be the primary signing authority for the Association.
    • Coordinates the overall functioning of the Board and delegate duties accordingly.
    • Supervises, coordinates, and mediates the business of the Board.
    • Chairs all meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee, when present and able to do so.
    • Carries out other duties as assigned by the Board.
    • Acts as a signing officer for cheques and other documents.

Vice President:

    • Acts in the absence of the President/Chairperson.
    • Assists President whenever possible.
    • Is familiar with all committee members and their duties.
    • Acts as a signing officer for cheques and other documents.
    • Other special duties by interest or assignment.


    • Keeps copies of the bylaws, minutes and other documents and lists of Directors, committees and general membership.
    • Notifies board members of meetings and includes agenda, noting items that need special preparation.
    • Records all minutes during board and general meetings.
    • Files correspondence.
    • Ensures there is a quorum.
    • Records all motions and decisions of meetings.
    • Distributes copies of minutes to directors and posts minutes online after meetings (and at least 10 days before the next meeting).
    • Maintain and monitor a calendar of important dates for the association such as grant filing dates, audit dates, etc.
    • Maintain the records of the staff person including contracts, benefits, evaluations, etc.
    • Notifies members of Special General Meetings and AGM.
    • Files the annual return, amendments to the bylaws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry.
    • Acts as a signing officer for cheques and other documents.


    • Ensures all funds paid to CHCA are deposited in a timely basis to the appropriate CHCA bank account
    • Presentation of financial monthly report to the Board, including income statement (revenues and expenses) and bank reconciliations
    • Manages payments from restricted and unrestricted funds dependant on type of expenditure
    • Ensures timely payment of invoices and verify validity of expenses paid.
    • Ensures audited statement of the financial position of CHCA is prepared and presented to the AGM
    • Acts as a signing officer for cheques and other documents.

Membership Director:

    • Prepares the membership list and updates records.
    • Manages annual recruitment drive.
    • Recruits and supervises volunteer canvassers.
    • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures with respect to membership.
    • Recommends fee structure to the Board
    • Recommends strategies to increase membership.

Communication Director:

    • Manages and updates the website, and social media accounts.
    • Manages all aspects of other communication tools such as bulletins or news releases.
    • Manages all aspects of the production and distribution of the e-newsletter.
    • Manages appropriate advertising for the Association.
    • Works with Program Director, Events Director and others as required to promote events and initiatives.

Building Maintenance Director:

    • Establishes weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance plans for the building.
    • Reviews condition of facilities.
    • Supervises building maintenance and repair.
    • Maintains up-to-date building maintenance records.
    • Advises Association on maintenance and upgrades.
    • Obtains estimates for maintenance, repair and upgrade work.
    • Reviews the Life-cycle Report monthly.
    • Recommends upgrades to all facilities as required.
    • Recommends grant opportunity with quotes to the Fundraising Director and Board.

Planning and Development Director:

    • Chairs the committee for planning, and land use.
    • Committee reviews all development permit and subdivision applications and provides comments to the City.
    • Chairs community workshops if required for development initiatives
    • Attends community board meetings and reports on committee activities
    • Represents community to the City and to other communities regarding development matters

Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Director:.

  • Chairs community workshops if required for traffic and pedestrian safety initiatives
  • Attends community board meetings and reports on traffic and pedestrian safety activities
  • Represents community to the City and to other communities regarding traffic matters

Fund Development:

    • Applies for grants for community projects and enhancement
    • Applies for grants and permits to run gaming events such as casinos
    • Prepares written reports on gaming events and submits the reports to Gaming Authorities.
    • Helps recruit volunteer workers.
    • Recommends fundraising opportunities after determining all associated costs.
    • Maintains financial records for fundraising activities.
    • Applies for licenses for fundraising activities.
    • Establish an annual plan for fundraising.

Programs Director:

    • Works with the City Recreation Department
    • Prepares and reviews policy and procedures related to programs.
    • Determines which programs will be offered to the community, then arranges for instructors and books time slots.
    • Applies for grants for programs.
    • Determine registrations fees and arranges registrations.
    • Prepares budget and financial reports for the treasurer.
    • Arranges payments to instructors, keeps appropriate records.
    • Arranges access to the facilities used.

Special Events Director:

    • Design yearly schedule of events and quote budget for these events.
    • Align the hall bookings for events with Facility Manager.
    • Coordinates with Communications Director the advertising of events.
    • Recruits volunteers to plan and execute the special events.

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Coordinates with Program, Events, and Communications Director to coordinate and manage volunteers.
  • Manages annual volunteer drive
  • Recruits volunteers for Events & Programs
  • Organizes annual volunteer recognition event