A Capitol Hill Community Association (CHCA) membership is an excellent way to support your community. Join the CHCA, participate in community activities, and help to create a community we can all feel we belong.

Ways to Purchase Your Membership:

1. Click on one of the buttons below to purchase your membership online with your credit card. A small handling fee will be added to membership price to cover paypal fees.

 One Year ButtonTwo Year button3 year button


2. Fill out the CHCA Membership form and mail in form and payment (make cheques payable to “Capitol Hill Community Association” ).

Types of Memberships and Cost:

1. Regular member {$10/year}: An individual or a  family who resides within the boundaries of Capitol Hill Community.

2. Associate member {$10/year}: An individual or a family who does not live within the boundaries of Capitol Hill Community. They have all the benefits of a regular member, but do not have voting privileges, and cannot run for office of the association.

5. Corporate {$35/year}: Memberships for a group or organization with no voting privileges.

The membership year runs from January 1 to December 31.

Benefits of Membership

As a regular member, Membership allows your ability vote at the AGM and Special General Meetings.

Membership is an opportunity to share your opinion on how the CHCA is run and what programs and events it should offer.

Membership allows your say in local matters of importance ie. traffic, safety, planning & development.

Members may receive discounted ticket prices for some community programs and Events.

Members may receive discounts at participating local businesses.

Members may sign up to the Community newsletter and receive e-mail notice of City matters affecting Capitol Hill Community, upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the AGM.


Personal information of community association members will not be used or passed on for any purpose, other than for community related notices or CHCA proof of membership requirements.

For questions, contact caphillmemberships[at]

* For full details of memberships, visit CHCA Bylaws.



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