Corporate Memberships

Partner with CHCA and become a Corporate Member

CHCA is looking to collaborate and partner with local businesses within the community, to build a local business directory and give our members exclusive discounts.
By becoming a corporate business member, you will create community presence, and build relationships with community members. This will give your company an edge with marketing your business and creating awareness of what your business has to offer.

Basic Corporate Membership Benefits – $35 Annually

– Promote your business in the monthly e-newsletter
– Free listing on the online local business directory
– Ability to be present at CHCA board meetings and add items to the agenda
– Ability to register at Neighbour Day business fair (additional registration fees apply)
– Network with other local businesses by attending quarterly business meet-up group
– Show off or sell your products at community events
– Interact with people living in the community & meet new clientele

Premium Corporate Membership – $100 Annually

– Benefits of Basic Corporate membership

– Free advertising in the Capitol Hill Community Newsletter issued bi-annually to over 1600 residents in the community. Business informaiton and logo must be provided before May 20 or December 10 to be included in the paper newsletter.
– Discounted access of Community Center space to promote and market your business

Complete your registration below to make new connections with members of the community!



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