Banff Trail/Capitol Hill Community Planning Project

The Banff Trail / Capitol Hill Community Planning Project began with the following direction from City Council to City staff:

1. “Engage the community of Banff Trail to explore future transit oriented development east of the LRT alignment along Capitol Hill Crescent.”

2. “Work with the Banff Trail Community Association and other local stakeholders to identify potential locations for modest redevelopment, consistent with the policies of the Municipal Development Plan, within the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan boundaries.”

Since the launch of the Banff Trail Community Planning Project, the Capitol Hill Community Association has asked City staff to include their community in the process of identifying potential locations for modest redevelopment. The Banff Trail and Capitol Hill communities have a common boundary as well as many of the same characteristics, issues and opportunities. City staff have therefore decided to run the two projects in parallel, using the same webpage, workshops and engagement opportunities.

For more information, visit the City of Calgary website.