Community Walkabout

On July 22, twelve Capitol Hill residents and seven officials from The City of Calgary, including Director of Local Area Planning & Implementation, Matthias Tita, toured our community via bicycle. The group was led by CHCA President, Darren Courtnage, and CHCA Director of Planning & Transportation, Brendyn Seymour. The two led the group to unique areas of the community, areas that contained issues which needed to be identified as well as areas that pertained to CHCA’s vision for redevelopment as part of the community planning project CHCA is engaged in with The City. Darren and Brendyn each gave a short talk at the different locations along the tour, then opened it up to the group for a brief discussion. The event was a great success and CHCA hopes to keep the discussion going with City officials as well as Councillor Farrell’s Ward 7 office. To view the bike tour route map and discussion items/areas, view the link below. If you would like more information on any of the discussion points, please email Brendyn at caphillplanning[at]

See the Walkabout Community Route Map to view a summary of the walk and planning issues in the community.